The concept

Objective La Form. du Dos created in 2015 is the result of many years of reflection and analysis to set up an overall method to prevent risks of lumbago due to professional activity.

A better physical condition and a decrease of the risks due to inactivity
A reduction of sick leaves due to musculoskeletal problems and an improvement of the company’s welfare

  • Who is it for?

    This training program is addressed to companies looking for preventive solutions to the health problems of their employees. It is also addressed to private individuals through classroom training courses in La Seyne-sur-mer.

  • How ?

    Our training course aims at comprehending and preventing dorso-lumbar risks by teaching employees the movements they need to practice before work. Get into peak condition with an innovative method: contraction by suspension

Download the training program
“The rigorous daily practice of simple exercises gives better results” Training manual, Objective La Form. du Dos